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  • E2ID Questionnaire


  • E2ID – Facial composite matching software on its way!

    E2ID is a system which automatically searches computerized facial sketches of suspected criminal offenders against a stored database or gallery of images and rapidly identifies the most likely suspects within the database.

    The proper integration of E2ID requires some basic knowledge of customers’ existing IT systems and protocols. A questionnaire is designed to provide this information.

    Please click here to fill the questionnaire to customize the software to your needs.

  • Prominent faces created from our EFIT6

    Near photo-realistic images of the 2 candidates approaching the UK general election 2019 created from our EFIT6 Software!

  • Our recent EFIT led to an immediate arrest in Jersey

    Click here for the story...

  • Photo2FIT is here!

    With Photo2FIT, Forensic Artists can now take advantage of the EFIT6 age progression tool. Simply import a face image to EFIT6 then age it, add wrinkles, choose a hairstyle and clothing as required. Photo2FIT can also be used for postmortem interpretation. The Photo2FIT app is available now and a trail license of the beta software is available to existing customers now.

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