Consultancy & Research

The members of the VisionMetric technical team are all qualified to Ph.D level and include some of the UK's leading researchers in forensic imaging.

The EEGFIT Project

The EEGFIT project aims to exploit the enhanced (so-called Fringe P3) EEG brain wave response to facial images that bear resemblance to a criminal suspect and, in this way, generate facial composite images more accurately and rapidly.

From the practical perspective, the key innovation is the ability to directly access the brain's recognition responses and bypass the extensive verbal interaction between witness and operator that is currently required to produce satisfactory facial likenesses. The project completes in late 2020. Please contact us if you are interested to know more.


The E2ID Project

The E2ID project aims to develop a radical, new approach to achieving fast, accurate automatic matching of facial composite images to police suspect databases.

The expected developments will give rise to improved investigative procedures for international police forces leading to greater case closure and a reduced demand on police resources. The project completes in early 2021. For further information on E2ID please contact us.


Media Project - THE FACE OF BEAUTY

To mark the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, Visionmetric conducted a study to explore and understand the male and female perceptions of male and female beauty.

The research had two main strands. Initially, a sample of 100 people created images of ideal facial beauty, both male (M) and female (F) using our EFIT-V facial composite software, then those images were rated by an independent group of observers. By combining the images with the assigned scores, it was possible to create 4 archetypal beautiful faces (M as seen by F, M as seen by M, F as seen by M and F as seen by F). The study revealed some interesting and subtle differences between the male and female perceptions of beauty.

Visionmetric Previous Projects



Commissioned by COW Public Relations on behalf of their client, Visionmetric conducted a scientific study to reveal the public’s perceptions of what qualities make good business leadership in the current economic climate and of the face they associate with it. We polled a cross-section of the public to provide detailed character profiles of both male and female business leaders. Based on their responses to a large sample of real faces, we also calculated the corresponding, prototypical male and female business leaders.

Visionmetric Previous Projects

Meet the Directors

Stuart Gibson

Stuart has been Technical Director of Visionmetric since 2010. He has a background in image processing and machine learning and a PhD in Physics from the University of Kent.

Stuart has managed and delivered numerous projects including Innovate UK funded collaborative research and development. When not at work he enjoys spending time with his family and outdoor activities. He is a regular runner and occasional volunteer at the Canterbury Parkrun.

Stuart Gibson Stuart Gibson facial composite
Christopher Solomon Christopher Solomon facial composite

Chris Solomon

Chris is Managing Director, and founder, of Visionmetric. He holds a PhD in Medical Imaging from the Royal Marsden Hospital and has been the recipient of the prestigious Walton Fellowship. Chris is co-author of the popular text book, Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing, and is an enthusiastic carpenter in his spare time.