EFIT6 Unwrapped

  • Full colour, photo-realistic images
  • Worldwide facial databases: white Caucasian, Black, Hispanic (South American), Indian, Oriental, Arab, Pacific Islander, Australian Aboriginal, North American Aboriginal, Bangladeshi
  • Bespoke data bases built rapidly upon request
  • Holistic evolution to target face by selection and rejection of whole face images
  • Sophisticated feature transformation (move, scale & warp)
  • Fully automatic age progression, mixed ethnicity, feature transformation
  • Slider adjustment of perceived character traits
  • Seamless interface to all photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop, Paintshop)
  • Easy control and export of multiple image layers
  • 1000s of hairstyles, beards & moustaches
  • Comprehensive databases of skin & shading effects (wrinkles, lines, pockmarks, gauntness, boney etc)
  • Multi language interface
  • Huge multi-cultural databases of accessories (clothing, headwear,  jewellery, glasses, logos)
  • Fully compatible with 3D face modelling systems
  • Complete audit trail of composite construction process

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