Intelligent Facial Composite Software

Fast, Accurate, Cost Effective

80% UK Coverage
30+ Countries Worldwide
1000s Correctly Identified
Facial Composites
Facial Composites Facial Composites

The World's Preferred Facial Composite Software

Our products, EFIT6 and E-FIT produce facial composites and are the preferred choice of British Police forces and used in over 30 countries around the world.

  • Increase identification rates
  • Reduce cost and increase time efficiency
  • Get outstanding support
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Key Features

  • Matches witness's memory process
  • AI improves speed & accuracy
  • Full colour, photo-realistic images
  • Worldwide facial databases
  • Sophisticated feature transformation
  • Fully automatic age progression
  • Seamless interface to photoshop and paintshop
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What Is Intelligent Facial Composite Software?