Intelligent Facial Composite Software

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80% UK Coverage
30+ Countries Worldwide
1000s Correctly Identified
Facial Composites
Facial Composites Facial Composites

The World's Preferred Facial Composite Software

Our products, EFIT6 and E-FIT produce facial composites and are the preferred choice of British Police forces and used in over 30 countries around the world.

  • Increase identification rates
  • Reduce cost and increase time efficiency
  • Get outstanding support
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Key Features

  • Matches witness's memory process
  • AI improves speed & accuracy
  • Full colour, photo-realistic images
  • Worldwide facial databases
  • Sophisticated feature transformation
  • Fully automatic age progression
  • Seamless interface to photoshop and paintshop
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What Is Intelligent Facial Composite Software?

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EFIT Worldwide...

Thankyou for the opportunity to do the course.  It was the best course in my 33 years working for Avon and Somerset.  It was both informative and interesting, and I feel confident that I will be able to carry out my role in a professional manner.

Avon and Somerset Police, UK

Theinstructor was great! Very knowledgeable and very patient...I learned a great investigative tool and it (EFIT-V) will enable us to produce better and more meaningful composite images. The program is much easier to use and much more flexible than previous programs.

Prince Wi